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Panasonic Ku - The Voice Activated Self-Driving Fridge!

Updated: Feb 20

Isn't it annoying when you sit down to watch a movie and realize you forgot to grab something out of the fridge? Well, you're not the only one.

Introducing Concept KU

Panasonic's new voice-activated refrigerator makes its way to you all on it's own using remarkable top-tier artificial intelligence. This new venture in smart tech leads the way to a fridge that moves on your call. Yes, you got it right! A fridge that will have the ability to hear commands such as "come here fridge" or "haiku come to the table". And once this command has been interpreted the fridge will automatically make its way to you without bumping into your pet or banging the wall.

Ku will have its own cubicle in the kitchen - and it apparently has a wireless charging system as well. However, there's no telling how long the battery will actually last when it isn't docked as you don't need to park it next to the table when it comes to you on command. Once you're done it finds its way back to its cube where it parks and gets docked.

Panasonic Ku Self Driving Fridge
Panasonic Ku Self Driving Fridge

Panasonic Ku-The Voice Activated Self Driving Fridge

Equipped With Lidar and Depth Sensors to map The layout of your home.

Ku uses the same technology as google's self-driving cars, which is pretty amazing and just one of Panasonic's many moves to bring smart home advancements into existence. The fridge will be able to navigate its way through the house without any external assistance or a helping hand. The intelligent device learns the blueprint of the place and can also respond to unexpected items in its path. Panasonic further enlightened us that the fridge can see things up to 6 inches ahead of it.

Like a regular fridge, you can load Ku with all of your favorite food & beverages. But it also has another added feature that makes it different from your everyday refrigerator. It has a helping hand. Guess what? You can even fill the Panasonic fridge with dirty dishes and it will carry them to the dishwasher for cleaning upon interpreting the command.

To further assist users - Panasonic is thinking of ways to serve fresh & hot food incorporating a warming plate at the top so the fridge can transport warm meals from one room to another. What is your thought about the robotic host? Panasonic's target audience for this portable fridge is elderly people who have trouble moving around or need assistance. It will keep them from unnecessary trips to the kitchen to fetch food. It

While it's just a prototype the automated fridge could be launched as soon as 2023.

Panasonic Fridge Ku- The voice-activated refrigerator
Panasonic Fridge Ku - The voice-activated refrigerator

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