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Should You Repair That Old Appliance?

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

With shiny new luxury appliances coming out all the time it can be difficult not to run out and purchase the newest & most advanced thing to hit the market.

New appliances are coming out in a stainless steel finish and a variety of colors along with features that are out of this world. I mean who doesn't want to listen to music from their refrigerator, or operate the oven from their phone? All you have to do is sign on the dotted line and wait for delivery. Or should you?

Samsung Family Hub Music Streaming Refrigerator
Samsung Family Hub Music Streaming Refrigerator

We realize nobody wants to waste time and money on daunting repairs that can become costly and sometimes, cost almost as much as a new appliance would.

Especially when your appliance is 20 yrs. old and you're long overdue for an upgrade. Right?

Old vs Modern Appliances

They don't make things like they used to. Once upon a time appliances were sturdy

and durable. They could take a beating for many years and never once need to be repaired. They were well-built pieces of machinery. Even washer drums were made of metal. Now they are made of plastic. Appliances that were built in 1970 lasted 30-50 years. Consider yourself lucky if you still

have an old appliance with a simple design. They are worth repairing if you can find a professional with the resources and the knowledge to do so.

These days, it seems appliance prices have skyrocketed, the wait to get a new one is long, and what used to be reliable electrical equipment made to last, is now delicate electronics that wear out after pushing too hard on a touch screen.

New appliances are not built to last decades the way they used to be.

In fact, some new appliances are breaking only 1 year after purchase and are so new to production that spare parts are not yet available. This leaves the consumer in a bad situation when they are still having to make payments on their new shiny broken appliance.

And sure, you can buy yourself some peace of mind by purchasing a repair warranty, and for a low monthly fee, someone will come to your home and make the repairs free of charge. The catch is getting them to come in a timely manner.

Warranty companies are making consumers wait months to get an appointment, or find a repair professional themselves that they will have to pay out of pocket, and then have to wait before getting reimbursed by their warranty company. If the parts are even available...

Older appliances are better and have just as much of a chance of parts being available. And, with a little imagination, you can update their appearances without compromising the idea of a well-built piece of machinery.

Not everyone cares that a dryer has a sensor to automatically shut off when the clothes are dry or need a flashy LCD screen and a cute little tone that plays when your dishes are done.

If this is you, be proud of that old appliance with exceptional engineering. And be glad it's taken 30 yrs before you had to make your first repair. And know that you are making a great choice by doing so. It's not a waste of money if you can get a few more years out of repairing that old appliance.

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