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How deep is counter depth?

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Looking for a refrigerator that is genuinely cabinet depth— about 24" deep?

We had the same problem.

Counter-depth units are both expensive and take up linear feet to make up the cubic feet of standard-depth units

In general, counter-depth refrigerators are shallower than their full-size counterparts so that they won’t stick out from cabinetry and counters. The only problem?

There's no standard depth for "counter-depth": GE sells some counter-depth models that are just over 29 inches deep without handles, while the LG Studio LSFXC2476S is the shallowest we found at 25.375 inches deep.

kitchenaid counter depth fridge
kitchenaid counter depth fridge

See how good this KitchenAid fridge looks? That's because it's counter-depth. A standard-depth model would stick out a few more inches.

The only 24-inch models available are either truly built-in (more expensive, but totally flush with cabinetry) or narrower apartment-size models from European brands like Blomberg and Liebherr. Another option is Haier’s new HRF15N3AGS, a French-door model that's just 26.5 inches deep including doors and handles.

Unfortunately, counter-depth fridges tend to cost more than standard-depth models due to the basic laws of the free market. Manufacturers know that a customer who's persnickety enough to demand a counter-depth fridge is likely willing to pay a premium for it. On top of that, counter-depth fridges simply don’t sell in huge volumes, and usually require specialized production methods..

We hope to have shed some light on why it's so hard to find an affordable counter-depth fridge that fits.

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