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New Washer & Dryer Features That Make Laundry Day More Bearable

Updated: 19 hours ago

New Washer & Dryer Features that Make Laundry Day More Bearable

When choosing a new washer and dryer, you’ll naturally want to think about the big things, like price, size and load capacity. However nowadays, there are plenty of new features that can make laundry day more bearable. Here are some of the best.

A Dual-Bin Washer and Dryer - Laundry in Half Time

Samsung Washer & Dryer
Samsung Flex Washer & Dryer

New Washer & Dryer Features that Make Laundry Day More Bearable

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by a mountain of clothes and towels on wash day, you’ve probably wished you had more than one washer and dryer set. Luckily, you can now wash more than one load at a time with a dual washer and dryer pair. These machines are conveniently equipped with two separate bins, so you can wash colors and whites simultaneously and flat-dry delicates along with everyday garments.

An Interior Dryer Light for Vanishing Socks

Light inside of dryer
Whirlpool Washer & Dryer

New Washer & Dryer Features that Make Laundry Day More Bearable

No matter how hard you look, it seems at least one small item per load is always left behind in the dryer. Thankfully, there are models equipped with an interior light, so you can make sure the sock monster didn't get any of your socks.

An "Emergency-Door" Washer for Left-Behind Garments

New Washer & Dryer Features that Make Laundry Day More Bearable

emergency door on washer for garments
Samsung Washing Machine

Stackable front-load washers are an ideal choice for some laundry room layouts, yet they have one major drawback: You can’t open the door to add anything once a wash cycle has begun. Luckily, some models have a small “second-chance” door, so you don’t have to run an additional cycle.

Steam Dry for Tackling Wrinkles & Allergies

Folded clothes
Steam Dryer

New Washer & Dryer Features that Make Laundry Day More Bearable

If you’re not a fan of ironing (and who is?), a dryer with a steam cycle can eliminate folds and creases in no time, so you can leave the ironing board in the closet. This special cycle also has the added benefit of ridding clothes of dust and allergens so you can breathe easier. And,... you won't leave a dust cloud in a ray of sunlight by shaking out your shirt.

Wi-Fi Connectivity for Worry-Free Washing and Drying

wifi activated washer & dryer
Smart washer & dryer

Nobody likes waiting for the laundry to finish so you can switch out the loads. With a smart washer and dryer, like the Flex series by Samsung, you can monitor load cycles remotely using a smartphone app, instead of listening for the machine to stop.

Sensor Wash for Impeccably Clean Clothes

top load washing machine
Washing machine with sensor wash

Getting clean clothes with no soap residue is all about choosing the right wash cycle. To simplify the selection process, some machines will now automatically sense the needs of each load to determine the optimal wash setting and water level. Now you can say goodbye to soap stains all over your black clothes...

Automatic Tumble — Unload When You Can

Front load washing machine and dryer
Washer & Dryer

Let's face it, smelling like mildew all day isn't cool. And in the real world, you can’t always be around to unload the washing machine as soon as it stops. To solve this problem, some washer& dryer models are equipped with a setting that periodically tumbles clothes to keep them fresh and wrinkle-free until you can get to them.

A Load-Balancing Washer for a More Peaceful Household

Inside of washing machine
Washer Drum

A noisy washing machine can really disrupt a tranquil home atmosphere. There's nothing like taking a nap & being awoken to what you think is an earthquake! A washing machine with a load-balancing tub design prevents wet clothes from accumulating on one side of the bin during the spin cycle, so your entire laundry room won’t shake.

A Self-Cleaning Washer for Less Maintenance

washer & dryer inside of laundry room
Front load washer & dryer

If you have a washing machine that leaves strange odors on your clothes, and the methods of elimination that you have tried failed, you’ll definitely want a self-cleaning washer. It includes a special cleansing cycle to keep the bin fresh and odor-free. Some self-cleaning models even include a built-in alert system that reminds you when it’s time to run the cycle.

So what features will you look for in your next washer & dryer purchase?

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  • 0%A Load-Balancing Washer for a More Peaceful Household

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